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ECD updates: ECD app is unavailable in preparation of our latest update.

January 5, 2022

[Gauteng, South Africa]: ECD's (Easy Collect & Drop) updated services and features are ready, the new app launch will happen very soon.

Meanwhile, the app will be under maintenance mode until the update process is completed. You can reach out to ECD team by WhatsApp or email if you have any questions.

About ECD: ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) strives to offer a comprehensive delivery service which is characterised by low costs and high-quality service. Our main goal is to offer customers the most affordable and the most convenient delivery experience while keeping in mind their needs and requirements, be it businesses or individuals. Using technology and knowledge transfer from Japan, ECD bet on convenience by introducing both door and PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) delivery solutions and an easy-to-use mobile/web app to ensure the best experience.

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