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About Us

ECD adds new services to their innovative last-mile delivery offerings

Since the installation of the first Easy Collect & Drop (ECD) Lockers in September 2020, We have started making waves in the last-mile delivery industry. As a new age delivery organisation, our company aims to meet customer last-mile delivery needs, and that is thanks to our existing delivery options and by introducing new and innovative service offerings. With our door-to-door delivery and ECD points delivery, ECD makes sure that sending and receiving parcels is a convenient and affordable experience to all customers.

The concept of ECD points came from introducing smart locker and partner stores as delivery points. This will allow us to reduce re-deliveries and improve the whole delivery process.

ECD’s Business Philosophy

We understand that last mile delivery is fundamental for businesses. The future of delivery involves keeping up with trends and offering customers the best experience that fits their constantly changing needs and desires. We strive to offer a comprehensive delivery service which is characterised by low costs and high-quality service. 

Our customers can enjoy seamless delivery experience, store-involved deliveries, smart lockers and GPS tracking.


Company Profile

Trading NameAnd Africa LLC
Address47 Maple Dr, Carlswald, Midrand, 1684, South Africa
Phone Number+27-10-065-2683

Company History

Easy Collect & DROP (ECD) Founded

ECD was founded by a Japanese Entrepreneur and Investor, Yo Murofushi

Pilot Project Initiated
A Pilot Project was intiated with the first two lockers installed in Johannesburg, South Africa
July 2021
ECD Delivery service was officially launched
May 2022

- ECD completed over 1000 successful deliveries in SA.

- ECD launched the pickup service in Cape Town

12 Aug 2022

ECD completed over 2000 deliveries across South Africa

11 Oct 2022

ECD launched the pickup service in Durban

19 Oct 2022

ECD fulfilled over 3000 delivery orders successfully.

December 2022 Sub Label

4000 Delivery orders fulfilled by ECD in South Africa

March 2023
ECD MileStone

ECD reached the milestone of 5000 completed delivery orders