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Find answers to the frequently asked questions from ECD users, if you don’t find the adequate answers to your questions, feel free to contact us


Easy Collect & Drop or ECD is courier service that aims to offer the customers the most reliable and convenient delivery experience.

ECD strives to offer a comprehensive delivery service with which you can get the best value for your money. Our main goal is to offer customers a reliable, convenient, and affordable delivery experience while keeping in mind their needs and requirements, be it businesses or individuals.

Using technology and knowledge transfer from Japan, ECD bet on convenience by introducing both door and ECD (including Door and delivery points options based on region) delivery solutions and an easy-to-use mobile/web app to ensure the best experience.

The new ECD interface is simple and easy to use, you can book a delivery by following these steps:


  • Type the recipient address
  • Type your address (Sender)
  • Select the parcel’s size
  • Select the best delivery option for you, be it door delivery or delivery points (such as ECD Partner Stores, based on your location) delivery
  • Confirm your addresses/delivery points choices
  • Fill in contact and parcel information
  • Complete the payment and you are ready to go!

Delivery fees depend on Four factors: Country, Parcel size, delivery distance and your chosen delivery option, you can easily get a quote on our home page:

  • Door-to-Door: This service allows you to have your parcel picked up from your address and delivered to any physical address in your country.
  • Delivery Point-to-Door (This service is available in select regions only): Drop off your parcel at an ECD Partner Store and have it delivered to a physical address in your country. Availability depends on your region.
  • Door-to-Delivery Point (This service is available in select regions only): We’ll pick up your parcel from your address and deliver it to the ECD Partner Store closest to the recipient.
  • Delivery Point-to-Delivery Point (This service is available in select regions only): Drop off your parcel at one ECD Partner Store and have it delivered to a different ECD Partner Store.
  • Online Purchase: Select ECD as a delivery option during checkout on partner retailers’ websites. Have your online purchase delivered to your door or the closest ECD Partner Store. (This service is only available with our partner retailers.)

ECD’s customer support desk is available on Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.








Since ECD operates in multiple regions, we recommend contacting the ECD team specific to your region for the most up-to-date support. You can find contact details for your region on the ECD contact us page: 





Easy Collect & Drop offers local electronic payment options in the regions where the service active for your convenience. However, to provide the most relevant information, we recommend checking the specific options available in your area. Cash on delivery may be available in some regions/countries – you can find out more about payment options on our contact page:


When you initiate your booking with ECD, our system will automatically suggest the closest delivery point to you on the service options page. This ensures a convenient and efficient delivery experience tailored to your location.

To determine the size of your parcel, simply click on the size chart provided in the quote section of ECD homepage or the first page of your app. There, you will find the maximum measurements and weight for each size, from S to XXXL size. We encourage you to choose the correct size based on the information given to ensure your package is collected without any issues.

If your parcel exceeds the size limit of the ECD Size Chart, our team will contact you with the additional fees. Please note that your package might not be picked up or could be placed on hold until the necessary arrangements are made.

The weight limits for parcels are available in the size chart. If your parcel exceeds the weight limit for XXXL size, you can consider splitting the contents into multiple packages to ensure they meet the requirements.

1. Items which are prohibited under any applicable law or regulations in your country/region/city;

2. Fresh food or perishables that cannot be stored in normal temperature;

3. Explosives, firearms or other offensive weapons, flammable or hazardous materials, poisonous orinfectious substances, blood or blood products (whether infectious or not), dangerous orundesirable goods;

4. All items prohibited by the International Air Transport Association, the International Civil Aviation Organization or any relevant government authority or under any applicable law or regulation;

5. Human or animal remains;

6. Live animals;

7. Currency of any country, credit cards, debit cards or cash cards;

8. Personal documents issued by government authorities such as identification cards, passports,driver’s licences, birth certificates etc.;

9. Original copies of any record, drawing, document or electronic recording of which duplicates or copies have not been made and kept by you;

10. Documents containing substantial amount of confidential information;

11. Precious metals and stones;

12. Illegal narcotics or drugs;

13. Any package (or its contents thereof) of a value exceeding the postal regulations limits in your country/region/city; and

14. Any package that is not properly packaged and/or sealed.


Yes, provided all parcels are put in one big package, do not exceed the designated parcel size, and are destined for the same location. If not, then you are advised to split the parcels and to ship them separately thus placing a separate order for each parcel or parcel batch.

Yes. You can use ECD to return online purchases provided you know the return address.

Once the courier has delivered a parcel or online purchase to ECD Delivery Point, the recipient of the specific parcel or online purchase will receive a SMS/email notification detailing amongst other things a secure PIN the recipient will use to collect the parcel or online purchase.

In general, no. You are responsible for ensuring that your parcel is adequately packed, securely sealed and that it does not exceed the size limit. Parcels that are inadequately packed, insufficiently sealed or exceed the cell size limits will not be stored or carried.

You can contact ECD team in your region to enquire about packaging options.

ECD will only take responsibility for direct loss of and/or damage to any parcel loss or damaged at the hand of any ECD staff. Damage suffered at the hand of any of our partners is not our responsibility and must be taken up with the partner company directly. ECD’s entire aggregate liability in connection with its Terms and Conditions of Service, which is made available to all customers, shall be limited to the aggregate cost of the customer’s parcel in the transaction concerned or the highest amount mentioned in the on-demand liability cover option list per transaction, whichever is lower.

Please note that any claims for damage to and/or loss of the parcel must be made within 14 days from the date on which ECD accepts the parcel for storage, failing which ECD shall have no liability whatsoever. All claims must be made to customer support by mail, facsimile or email and accompanied by a copy of the invoice and other supporting documents requested by ECD. Claims are subject to clause h and other terms in the Terms and Conditions of Service.

If delivery failed for any reason, we will notify you within 3 business days after delivery failure. In the event that you do not provide instructions regarding the appropriate action to be taken within a period of 30 days after ECD has notified you of a delivery failure, the parcel may be disposed of by ECD at its sole discretion but at your costs.

The customer placing the order is allowed 24 hours in which to drop off the parcel at the chosen delivery point. Failure to drop off the parcel within the allocated time will result in the order being cancelled and a refund issued. Please note that a general administration levy will however be subtracted from the total refundable amount due to the customer.

The recipient of the parcel is afforded 48 hours in which to pick up the parcel from the ECD Delivery Point. Failure to pick up the parcel within the allocated time will result in the parcel being transferred from the ECD locker to the redemption centre where the recipient will have to come to collect the parcel – extra charges may be incurred and must be paid to release the parcel. Please contact customer support for information on the redemption centre.

Yes. You can track any active orders by accessing the tracking information for each specific order. Track orders here: ECD app > Orders > Track

You can also use the tracking reference of your order in ECD tracking page:

No. You cannot cancel an order or change the information for an order you’ve processed successfully, you will need to contact ECD team in your region. To avoid such an occurrence, customers are advised to double check the information before submitting the order and making payment.

Sadly, orders already delivered to the destination cannot be cancelled or amended.

However, should you discover an error in the information of an active order, you can reach out to ECD’s Customer Support for guidance.

ECD Customer Support contact details: