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ECD X AFRICAN BASKET: Do Your Delivery & Grocery Shopping at The Same Time

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[Pretoria, South Africa]: Easy Collect & Drop promised you the most convenient and affordable delivery in South Africa, and that’s exactly what we are trying to achieve through a partnership with African Basket, an exclusive distributors of a range of popular fast moving grocery brands from South, Central and West African region, with many store available across South Africa.

african basket bosman ecd point

Through this partnership, we are aiming to enable ours and African Basket’s customers to do two things at the same time with minimal efforts: Do your grocery shopping and pick up/drop off your parcel!

African Basket PTA Bosman is already available for all our customers to start using as their preferred ECD Point to do their deliveries conveniently and with the best rates possible.

More stores will be added to our network soon, keep an eye on our news and ECD Points locator page [Find an ECD Locker].



About ECD Points Delivery: ECD is adopting ECD Points delivery (smart lockers and ECD partner stores). These points are used by customers for easy parcels pick-up and drop-off.
ECD Points delivery is beneficial as these stores and lockers are located across Gauteng. This makes them a convenient pick-up point for many customers (including individuals or businesses).

In addition to convenience, ECD Points saves costs due to the elimination of re-deliveries and saves time for busy customers who are rarely at home and prefer to choose when to drop off or pick up their parcels following their packed and dynamic schedules.


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ECD Courier & Delivery Debuts in Windhoek, Namibia in Partnership with Solandra Investments cc

Introducing ECD Courier & Delivery (Easy Collect & Drop) to Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek, Namibia — February 19, 2024


And Africa Co., Ltd., the innovative Japanese startup revolutionizing the logistics sector across Africa and Southeast Asia, is delighted to unveil the introduction of ECD Courier and Delivery (Easy Collect & Drop) in Windhoek, Namibia. This initiative is realized through a vital partnership with Solandra Investment CC, setting a new standard in last-mile delivery solutions for Windhoek’s residents.


vehicles in the street
ECD is now in Windhoek


ECD Namibia


About ECD:

Spearheaded by And Africa Co., Ltd., ECD is designed to deliver an effortless and efficient delivery service. Our vision is to ease the delivery process for our customers, providing a dependable, intelligent, and convenient solution for shipping packages or essential goods, thereby ensuring their secure and prompt arrival.


Key Features:

  • Reliable Service: ECD is built on the foundation of trust and dependability, offering customers peace of mind with their deliveries.
  • Innovative Technology: The ECD app is designed for ease of use, allowing customers to schedule, pay for, and monitor their deliveries effortlessly, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Convenience: With services ranging from regular and express door-to-door delivery to the availability of pickup truck rentals, ECD is committed to making delivery processes as smooth as possible for our customers.
  • Affordability: ECD aims to offer a high quality service with competitive rates to make delivery and courier services more accessible.


Partnership with Solandra Investment CC:

And Africa Co., Ltd. takes great pride in partnering with Solandra Investment CC for our operations in Namibia. Together, we aim to redefine the standards of convenience, reliability, and service excellence in Windhoek and plan to extend our services across Namibia in the future.



Contact Information: For media and business queries in Namibia, please reach out to: ECD Namibia team Email: Phone: +264814235550


For franchise and partnership inquiries, please get in touch with the ECD Global team, Email:


Follow ECD Namibia on social media:


Facebook: ECD Windhoek

Instagram: @easycollect_drop_windhoek 


About ECD: Managed by And Africa Co., Ltd., ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) revolutionizes the collection and delivery of packages, focusing on reliability and convenience to improve customer satisfaction.


About Solandra Investment CC: Led by Ms. Solandra Goreses, Solandra Investment CC collaborates with ECD to enhance delivery services in Namibia, ensuring efficiency and reliability.



And Africa Launches ECD in Gaborone, Botswana, in collaboration with Prime Orders

And Africa Co., Ltd. Launches ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) in Gaborone, Botswana, in Collaboration with Prime Orders


Gaborone, Botswana — February 7, 2024


And Africa Co., Ltd., a dynamic Japanese startup dedicated to enhancing the logistics industry in Africa and Southeast Asia, is excited to announce the official launch of ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) in Gaborone, Botswana. Through a strategic partnership with Prime Orders, ECD aims to revolutionize last-mile delivery services for the residents of Gaborone.



ECD Botswana



About ECD: ECD, powered by And Africa Co., Ltd., is committed to providing a seamless and efficient delivery solution. Our mission is to simplify the lives of delivery customers by offering a reliable, smart, and convenient service. Whether it’s parcels, or essential items, ECD ensures safe and timely deliveries.


Key Features:

  • Trustworthy Service: ECD prioritizes transparency and reliability. Customers can trust us to handle their deliveries with care.
  • Smart Technology: Our user-friendly app allows customers to book, pay, and track their orders, ensuring the best user experience.
  • Convenience: ECD offers regular and express door-to-door delivery in addition to pickup truck hiring service, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.


Collaboration with Prime Orders:

And Africa Co., Ltd. is proud to collaborate with Prime Orders in Botswana. Our goal is to establish fresh benchmarks for convenience, reliability, and efficiency within Gaborone, while aiming to expand within Botswana in the near future.


Customer Benefits:

  • Faster deliveries
  • Enhanced experience
  • Competitive pricing


Quotes: “We are thrilled to introduce ECD to Gaborone,” said Mr. Murofushi, CEO of And Africa Co., Ltd. “Our team has worked tirelessly to create a service that meets the unique needs of our community. With Prime Orders as our partner, we are confident that ECD will become the preferred delivery solution in the city.”


Prime Orders is happy to collaborate with ECD,” said Mr. Motswiri, CEO of Prime Orders. “Together, we will set new standards for convenience and reliability in Gaborone.


Contact Information: For media and business inquiries in Botswana, please contact: ECD Botswana team Email: Phone: +267 7838 7434

For franchise and collaboration inquiries, please contact ECD Global team, Email:


Follow ECD Botswana on social media:


About ECD: ECD (Easy Collect & Drop), managed by And Africa Co., Ltd., simplifies the way packages are collected and delivered. With a focus on reliability and convenience, ECD aims to enhance the lives of its customers.

About Prime Orders: Prime Orders, a trusted logistics company, joins forces with ECD to provide efficient delivery services in Botswana.

Introducing ECD Software Solutions: Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry

In today’s fast-paced world, the logistics industry plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of businesses worldwide. However, with various challenges such as unsatisfied customers, lack of transparency, and inefficient communication processes, it can be challenging to keep operations running seamlessly. This is where ECD Logistics Software Solutions comes in, providing an innovative and streamlined solution to all your logistics problems.


With extensive experience in the African delivery market, our team has gained valuable insights into the challenges facing the logistics industry. Our mission is to use our knowledge to support your company and improve your overall operations management.


a man controlling logistics operations with software


Our software solutions aim to provide logistics companies with the necessary tools to improve their operations’ overall management, providing access to critical data to make informed decisions, boosting productivity and efficiency. With features such as seamless management, real-time tracking, route optimization, and visibility, we ensure that logistics companies can operate with maximum efficiency.


Our software solutions offer various benefits to logistics companies, including reducing fuel costs thanks to our route optimization and auto-assignment of drivers feature, reducing recruitment and retention costs of drivers and admin staff, and faster delivery times, thanks to our route optimization feature.


Furthermore, our software provides a safer work environment and deliveries with our safe route tracking and avoiding crime hotspots option. Our software solutions also open doors to new business opportunities with gig drivers and delivery point models, increasing revenue opportunities for logistics companies.


Our software’s key features and functions include gig drivers’ workforce model, driver management, and route optimization, customer management, and apps, delivery plugins on CMS, and maintenance. Our software solutions provide an all-encompassing solution to logistics companies, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.


In conclusion, with ECD Software Solutions, logistics companies can streamline their operations, optimize their routes, reduce fuel costs, and increase customer satisfaction, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution to all your logistics needs. Trust ECD Software Solutions to revolutionize your logistics operations and take your business to new heights.

ECD reaches new milestone with 5000 last mile deliveries completed in South Africa

[South Africa] ECD, a leading last-mile delivery company, has recently achieved a new milestone by completing 5000 deliveries across South Africa in March 2023. This is a significant achievement for the company, which has been operating for several months, and demonstrates its commitment to providing convenient and fast delivery services to its customers.


ECD has been focusing on delivering quality services to its customers, offering them a range of delivery options to suit their needs. From 24 hours domestic delivery to budget and overnight Nationwide delivery, ECD has been committed to ensuring that its customers receive their orders on time and in excellent condition. The company’s success can be attributed to its highly dedicated team, who are devoted to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that every delivery is handled with care.


ECD’s team members express their excitement about the company’s new milestone, saying, “We are thrilled to have achieved this new milestone, and we are grateful to our customers for their continued support. Our goal has always been to offer our customers a convenient and fast delivery service, and we are proud to say that we have been able to achieve that.”


ECD’s achievement is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing its customers with quality delivery services. With its experienced team, commitment to excellence, and a focus on customer satisfaction, ECD is poised to continue growing and making a positive impact in the last-mile delivery industry.


Dear Valued Customers,


Greetings from ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) team.


Thank you for using our services and for joining us in this journey to improve the delivery experience in South Africa.

We regret to announce that ECD will be increasing its prices starting from February 1st, 2023. We want to ensure that we can offer you high-quality service, thus the reason for this increase.


This increase will come into effect on Wednesday 1st, February 2023.

We ask for your kind understanding, and we will keep doing our utmost best to offer you the most convenient delivery experience in South Africa.


Best regards,

ECD team

ANNOUNCEMENT: Base Rates will increase by R2 starting November 14th

Dear Valued Customers,



Greetings from ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) team.



The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy announced recently the newest prices for fuel indicating an increase in diesel price by around R1.44 per litre in November. This increase is due to the depreciation of the ZAR against the USD and the hike in fuel prices globally.



ECD has been doing its best to maintain affordable rates and has not increased its delivery fees since the start of 2022, but it is no longer possible for us to run operations normally.


We regret to announce that ECD has no other choice but to increase the base rate of all delivery options by R2.00 (the change will affect the base rate only, for example, the Door-to-Door delivery fee will start from R52.00 instead of R50.00).


This increase will come into effect on Monday 14 November 2022.

We ask for your kind understanding, and we will keep doing our utmost best to offer you the most convenient delivery experience in South Africa.


Best regards,

ECD team