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ECD adds new services to its innovative last-mile delivery offerings

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Since the installation of the first Easy Collect & Drop (ECD) Lockers in September 2020, ECD has started making waves in the last-mile delivery industry. As a new age delivery organisation, ECD aims to continue meeting customer last-mile delivery needs through its existing delivery options, for example smart locker technologies and introduce further innovations and service offerings, in the form of door-to-door delivery and various collaborations with partner stores, to make sending and receiving parcels a convenient and affordable experience to all customers.

ECD’s Business Philosophy

Delivery guy carrying a parcel
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

ECD understands that last mile delivery is fundamental for businesses. The future of delivery involves keeping up with trends and offering customers the best experience that fits their constantly changing needs and desires. ECD strives to offer a comprehensive delivery service which is characterised by low costs and high-quality service.
ECD’s main goal is to offer customers the most affordable and the most convenient delivery experience by tailoring their wide range of services to business or individual needs and requirements.
Given the many challenges of last mile delivery in South Africa, ECD offers businesses and customers alike a delivery that goes beyond being a simple service. They strive for an enjoyable and hassle-free experience whereby your delivery needs can be met. ECD enjoys taking advantage modern technologies, which includes innovation, touch and feel user experiences, store-involved deliveries, smart lockers and GPS tracking.

ECD Driver using ECD Locker for delivery
ECD Locker

ECD is continuously growing and is excited to explain the introduction of their new services.

ECD’s new service offerings

Due to the major changes in the proposed services and operational costs, ECD has introduced new parcels delivery models. The new service offerings will include:

1. Door-to-Door delivery

As the name suggests, door-to-door delivery involves the parcel being picked up from the customer’s door and thereafter will be delivered to the recipient’s door. This price for this service starts from R50, depending on the size of the parcel and the distance between the two locations.
Door-to-door service offers customers convenience as it is a simple method of delivery which guarantees that the parcel will make it from point A to point B with little to no issues due to a single point of contact. It is also a time saving method of delivery that requires minimum efforts from the customer’s side, they can simply book a delivery order using ECD’s web or mobile app and wait for the delivery driver to pick up their parcel. This delivery method eliminates any hassles as the parcel will be delivered straight to the recipient’s home or business location.

Delivery driver delivering to customer
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

2. ECD Points involved delivery

In addition to the above, ECD is also adopting the ECD Points involved delivery method by including stores and smart lockers as ECD pick up and drop off points.
ECD is partnering with various retail stores and implementing smartlockers in order to make the delivery process easier and more efficient for you as customers. This mode of delivery involves the customer dropping off or picking up his/her parcel at the nearest ECD partner store or smartlocker.
Two options exist, namely:

  • ECD Point to DOOR or DOOR to ECD Point delivery: Drop Off your parcel at the closest ECD point (either a partner store or smartlocker) and it will be delivered to the recipient’s door address (or visa versa). Prices start from R40, depending on size and distance.
  • ECD Point to ECD Point delivery: Drop Off your parcel at the closest ECD point and it will then be delivered to another ECD point. The price of this service start from R35.

Store involved delivery is beneficial as these stores exist in a wide range of locations, making them a convenient pick-up point for many customers (including individuals or businesses). Furthermore, this method of delivery saves costs due to the reduction or elimination of costly re-deliveries, and saves time for busy customers who are rarely at home and prefer to choose when to drop off or pick up their parcels following their packed and dynamic schedules.

Customer using ECD locker
ECD Lockers

Benefits of using ECD’s services

These new service offerings will be beneficial for businesses due to:

  • the quick delivery speed;
  • affordability;
  • improved online delivery experience;
  • elimination of re-delivery;
  • easy-to-use functions; and ‘
  • co-operation between Africa and Japan leads to improved technology transfer and encouraging investment

Thanks to the adoption of ECD points alongside door delivery, it is easily accessible and allows for greater flexibility in fetching parcels, at a time convenient for the customer. Along with the above additional services, customers will be able to easily obtain a quote for their delivery on ECD’s website and mobile or web apps.
ECD is excited to launch their new service offerings and hope to collaborate with its customers in ensuring both individual and business last-mile delivery success.

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Dear Valued Customers,


Greetings from ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) team.


Thank you for using our services and for joining us in this journey to improve the delivery experience in South Africa.

We regret to announce that ECD will be increasing its prices starting from February 1st, 2023. We want to ensure that we can offer you high-quality service, thus the reason for this increase.


This increase will come into effect on Wednesday 1st, February 2023.

We ask for your kind understanding, and we will keep doing our utmost best to offer you the most convenient delivery experience in South Africa.


Best regards,

ECD team

ANNOUNCEMENT: Base Rates will increase by R2 starting November 14th

Dear Valued Customers,



Greetings from ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) team.



The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy announced recently the newest prices for fuel indicating an increase in diesel price by around R1.44 per litre in November. This increase is due to the depreciation of the ZAR against the USD and the hike in fuel prices globally.



ECD has been doing its best to maintain affordable rates and has not increased its delivery fees since the start of 2022, but it is no longer possible for us to run operations normally.


We regret to announce that ECD has no other choice but to increase the base rate of all delivery options by R2.00 (the change will affect the base rate only, for example, the Door-to-Door delivery fee will start from R52.00 instead of R50.00).


This increase will come into effect on Monday 14 November 2022.

We ask for your kind understanding, and we will keep doing our utmost best to offer you the most convenient delivery experience in South Africa.


Best regards,

ECD team

ECD Delivery Announces Its Black Friday Super Campaign

Black Friday is the perfect occasion for online sellers to increase the number of sales and introduce their business to a new base of customers, kicking off the holidays season successfully. Many of those sellers are looking for campaigns for their businesses as well, for example, a delivery campaign.


ECD (Easy Collect & Drop), as a delivery partner of many small and medium sized business, launched a new campaign in November to offer its customers extra credit when the use the balance top-up function. The credit from this delivery campaign can be used to book delivery orders on ECD Web and Mobile apps.


This “Black Friday Super Campaign” is available from November 1st until November 30th, and thanks to it, ECD customers can enjoy the following scheme:

  • An extra R20 for any top-up amount between R500 & R999
  • An extra R45 for any top-up amount between R1000 & R1499
  • An extra R80 for any top-up amount over R1500


While focusing on offering a satisfactory delivery experience in South Africa, ECD team will continue to launch future campaigns to celebrate the last-mile delivery in the country.

ECD x African Basket: More Stores Joined Our Parcels’ Pickup and Drop-off Points Network

[Gauteng, South Africa]: Easy Collect & Drop strengthened its partnership with African Basket through the addition of 3 more partner stores to its Network of ECD Points for parcels’ pickup and drop-off options. African Basket is an exclusive distributor of a variety of grocery brands from South, Central and West African region, and has a number of stores available across South Africa.


African Basket Lillian Nqoyi, African Basket Randburg and African Basket Sunnyside are the stores currently available for ECD customers to use as Drop-off or Pickup points for their parcels.

Through this collaboration, we hope to make it easy for both our customers and those of African Basket to do their deliveries while shopping for groceries at the same time! More stores will be joining our network soon.

The complete list ECD Points can be found in the following page: [Find an ECD Point].


About ECD Points Delivery: ECD is adopting ECD Points delivery (smart lockers and ECD partner stores). These points are used by customers for easy parcels pick-up and drop-off.
ECD Points delivery is beneficial as these stores and lockers are located across Gauteng. This makes them a convenient pick-up point for many customers (including individuals or businesses).

In addition to convenience, ECD Points saves costs due to the elimination of re-deliveries and saves time for busy customers who are rarely at home and prefer to choose when to drop off or pick up their parcels following their packed and dynamic schedules.


Milestone: 3000 Delivery Orders Fulfilled by ECD Team

[South Africa] Easy Collect & Drop (ECD) team successfully fulfilled 3000 deliveries, marking a new milestone. ECD is continuing to offer last-mile delivery customers the most affordable and convenient experience in South Africa.


Overcoming the last-mile delivery challenges and achieving new goals

 ECD team has one goal in mind: providing a practical last-mile delivery solution that is convenient for all type of customers in South Africa, be it businesses or individuals.

ECD continues to expand across South Africa to offer a variety of delivery options and services, such as to-door delivery and ECD Points pickup and drop-off options.

Currently making a reputation for itself, ECD is working nonstop to satisfy the demands of its present clients and draw in new consumers who are still seeking for the perfect delivery service.


3000 delivery Milestone, Durban expansion and more

 Customers are the core of ECD business and answering to their needs is the company’s mission. ECD is honoured to receive many positive reviews on Google from happy and satisfied customers.

ECD team with its engineers, drivers, customer support, and admin staff is coming together to attract and retain last-mile delivery customers in South Africa, and thanks to the growing network of loyal and happy customers in Gauteng, Cape Town and recently Durban, the company achieved a new key number, and will keep striving to deliver more parcels in the future.



Affordable Revised Delivery Rates for Larger Parcels

[South Africa]: ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) has revised its price list to make the delivery of larger parcels much more affordable.


Large parcels
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko


In order to improve the customers’ experience and increase their satisfaction with the different delivery services provided by ECD, our team decided to offer cheaper fees for the delivery of larger parcels (XL, XXL, XXXL).


ECD is aiming to become the first choice for last-mile delivery customers, businesses and individuals alike, that is why we will continue to introduce improvement to our service offerings and work harder to keep providing the most affordable and convenient delivery service in South Africa.


You can start booking your deliveries now using ECD’s app.