Horizon Shopping Centre’s ECD locker

ECD News: Our customers in Roodepoort can now enjoy a convenient delivery experience with Horizon Shopping Centre’s new locker

September 2, 2021

[Roodepoort, Gauteng]: ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) has added a new delivery and storage PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) point to its expanding network today. A new smart locker was installed in Horizon Shopping Centre’s, Roodepoort.

ECD is on its way to reach more customers and make their delivery experience more convenient and extremely affordable.

Look up the closest ECD locker to you and send your parcel in all convenience as well [Find an ECD Locker].

About ECD: ECD, short for Easy Collect & Drop, is a technology driven delivery solution that facilitates parcels’ pickup and drop off in South Africa. ECD solutions were developed to improve the whole delivery process in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. ECD delivery is available 24/7, in various locations around Gauteng, and offer different services including storage, locker-to-locker service, locker-to-door service and online purchases pick up point. ECD bets on expanding its network with new Lockers installed in the country to reach out to all its customers in the future.

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