ECD Retail Bay

ECD is now Retail Bay’s delivery partner

June 9, 2021

[Gauteng, South Africa]: ECD announced a new partnership Retail Bay. This partnership will make it possible to all customers to have their purchases from Retail Bay online store delivered with ECD.

The benefits of this new partnership include offering all Retail Bay customers a safe, flexible, and convenient delivery experience with ECD’s smart lockers technology. We, at ECD, hope to be an assess to Retail Bay, and together, boost the online shopping business in South Africa and offer the best service possible to all our customers.

About Retail Bay: Retail Bay is online shopping platform offering its customers various products categories. Trusted by its customers, Retail Bay offer a convenient and trust worth service in South Africa.

About ECD (Easy Collect & Drop): ECD is a smartlockers-based delivery service that facilitates parcels’ pickup and drop off in South Africa. ECD solutions were developed to improve the whole delivery process in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness

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