A woman holding a credit card and using a macbook

The ins and outs of Payment Gateways for E-commerce in South Africa

November 1, 2021

Other than choosing the perfect e-commerce platform for your business and learning about the different marketing methods you would need, the payment gateways topic is highly important as well, since it ensures that your online business can operate both efficiently and safely. There are many factors that your business should consider when choosing the most appropriate payment gateway starting from identifying the functionalities of the payment gateway...

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The 4 biggest trends that South African businesses need to be aware of post-2021

October 1, 2021

It important for you as a business owner to be conscious of the upcoming business trends in South Africa in the post-Covid world and consider their implementation to optimise the way in which your company is run. Digital transformation would an important trend to watch out for…

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A simple guide to the most popular South African e-commerce platforms to launch your online business

September 1, 2021

The first question to be asked is: What factors should be considered when choosing an e-commerce platform? The needs of every online business are unique but below are some important considerations when choosing the most appropriate platform for your business: Price and associated costs...

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Powerful and effective social media tips to grow your online business

August 1, 2021

As an online business owner, you may be struggling with the building of an online business in terms of marketing and reaching out to your target customers. These challenges can be easily solved with a thorough understanding and implementation of social media strategies, including branding and advertising. Check out our practical tips to help you grow your business....

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Women running a fashion business

The Age of Digitalisation: The viability of running a successful online business in South Africa

July 1, 2021

the surge in the number of small businesses across South Africa in the past few years is undeniable and they are increasingly contributing to the formal business sector. This surge has been brought about by a variety of reasons, but the most prominent two being the increased attractiveness of online shopping, as well as customers desires for digital convenience and experience.

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A group of people having a friendly conversation in a coffee shop

How to achieve top-notch Customer Experience in your business

June 1, 2021

This blog aims to provide tips about the ins and outs of customer experience, with a particular emphasis on digital customer experience. Furthermore, it will highlight the role that smart lockers can play in increasing your success stories when it comes to customer experience.

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a connected world

Envisioning the future of last-mile delivery – Keeping up with the latest trends and opportunities

May 1, 2021

Last-mile delivery is becoming one of the most important activities within the supply chain. Due to the growing recognition and emphasis on last-mile delivery, we have been witnessing great, new advancements and innovations in this area of expertise. This blog will examine a few of the new trends that are gaining traction...

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Women shopping online from home

Migration to digital and innovative shopping platforms: How can business owners keep up with challenges and e-commerce trends in 2021

April 1, 2021

All business owners know that customers’ needs and wants are constantly changing. However, it is the responsibility of these owners to keep up with customer trends, as well as new innovations within the commercial field...

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a person holding a globe

Achieving SDGs in Africa: How can the smartlocker business model contribute to the attainment of Global Goals?

March 1, 2021

The smartlocker industry has undoubtedly become a new and innovative method of conducting last-mile delivery in South Africa[...] This blog aims to investigate the ways in which the smartlocker business model can contribute to the achievement of the well-known, global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...

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Africans meeting during covid-19 on Africa

COVID-19 vaccine delivery to Africa: Improving supply chain efficiency with smart technology

February 1, 2021

Many countries have been struck by the COVID-19 pandemic and are now racing to develop and acquire a vaccine. The challenge does not only reside in vaccine production, but also in the logistics and supply chain to ensure it reaches all citizens…

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small businesses with the recent surge in the use of smart technologies

How small businesses can take advantage of technology: A smart delivery option that take businesses one step ahead

January 1, 2021

More and more small businesses are beginning to pop up all over South Africa. According to the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE), over five million micro and small businesses currently exist in South Africa…

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parcel delivery

Taking the lead from Asia’s smart locker technology to unlock South Africa’s last mile delivery

December 1, 2020

The advent of the Covid-19-induced lockdowns and subsequent closure of non-essential businesses accelerated the migration of business operations to digital platforms in order to adhere to social distancing directives…

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How to optimally deliver in the last-mile when customers “need it now”

November 1, 2020

We might all be clicking away, here, there and everywhere to purchase anything and everything from groceries, furniture, clothes to beauty products. After all, retail stores have made it easy for us to buy almost anything online and wait for it in the comfort of our own homes…

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A person receiving a parcel

ECD Smart lockers offers you a convenient and contactless delivery: Find out how

October 1, 2020

The ECD (Easy Collect & Drop) smart locker offers a delivery and courier alternative that’s affordable, safe and convenient. You can now collect, send and store the smart way. The ECD locker can help you avoid unexpected or excessive delivery fees at checkout...

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